Fleece Blanket

Meet Massive Demands in Winter with Our Wholesale Flannel Fleece Blankets


When winter arrives, Nantong Blanket Bedding Factory is your go-to supplier. We understand the need for comfort and warmth, and our wholesale flannel fleece blankets deliver just that. We stand out from the competition by sourcing top-grade materials, ensuring our customers experience the finest relaxation with our blankets.


Custom Colors and Sizes for You  

At Nantong Blanket Bedding Factory, we pride ourselves on our custom service. As a bulk fleece blanket supplier, we offer a wide range of options, from colors to sizes. We value our customers' preferences and work closely with them to ensure their demands are met. 


Gentle Fabric for Your Skin

Rest assured, our blankets are crafted from the softest, gentlest fabric, ensuring your skin's safety and comfort. We take pride in meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction levels with the utmost effort. With Nantong Blanket Bedding Factory, you're not just buying a blanket; you're investing in peace of mind and comfort. 


Economic Price Range for Retailers and Bulk Buyers 

We supply fleece blankets at factory rates to all the retailers in the market. You will find discounts from us since we maintain the price level. Retailers can purchase them at low prices from us to serve many consumers. Nantong Blanket Bedding Factory is a flannel fleece blanket distributor, which is the right choice. It is because of our wholesale rates, and you can take advantage of it. Bulk buyers can purchase them from us for childcare homes, orphanages, hospitals, and daycare centers. 


Thick and Warm Layer for Comfortable Sleep

People like blankets that can keep them warm all night in winter. We work on the thickness level to ensure maximum warmth for consumers. You can visit Nantong Blanket Bedding Factory to find these kinds of wholesale China fleece blankets.


Color Intensity and Longevity

The intensity of color will please consumers' eyes. Whether you purchase them for kids or adults, we have the best color intensity for all. Blankets will show longevity not only in thickness but also in color retention. This quality makes our blankets better than many. Buyers who purchase flannel blankets in bulk from us will definitely find a huge difference. That difference will be in terms of color retention, durability, and softness.


Breathable and Lightweight Fabric with Luxurious Appearance

People will always feel relaxed when they cover themselves with these blankets. Working on the comfort of our consumers is our priority. Performing different steps to achieve that is our main focus. Our fabric selection process is well-Consider us your wholesale fleece blanket supplier for breathability and luxurious looks. Our customers will find these blankets breathable for convenience and comfort. 


Our Factory Can Take on Large Orders for Global Supply

If you want to place large orders of fleece blankets, we will take them. You can get international supplies wherever you are from. Our custom service is part of it; retailers can find wholesale production here. This is why we are always the best choice for you.